Embedded Systems Reliability

Course Description:
Hardware fault-tolerance. Redundancy techniques (duplex systems; triple modular redundancy). Information redundancy (error detection and correction codes). Radiation effects in embedded systems (SEEs, SEUs, SEFIs). Fault-tolerance methodologies for embedded microprocessors (Software-Implemented hardware Fault Tolerance, memories ECCs, core lockstep, checkpointing, watchdog timers) and SRAM FPGAs (TMR, scrubbing). Fault injection techniques (simulation-based, FPGA-based) for reliability analysis.

Labs: Lab courses in the design of fault mitigation techniques for SRAM FGPAs. Use of commercial design tools (Vivado, Synplify), open-source fault injection platforms and FPGA development boards (Zybo boards).
Project: Design of a fault-tolerant SRAM FPGA system and reliability evaluation using fault injection.

Course Coordinator: Prof. Mihalis Psarakis