Program Structure

The duration of studies for the Master’s Degree is set at three (3) semesters for full-time students and six (6) semesters for part-time students. Full-time students should successfully enroll in taught courses for two academic semesters (four academic semesters for part-time students) and their MSc thesis during the third semester (during the last two semesters for part-time students). Courses account for either 6 ECTS and are taught in ten 3-hour evening lectures or for 3 ECTS and are taught in five 3-hour evening lectures.

The MSc programme provides a large number of courses that cover various research and engineering topics in the areas of Cybersecurity and Data Science: 14 courses of 6 ECTS each and 16 courses of 3 ECTS each. In the first and second semester, (full-time) students have to successfully follow a number of courses that sum up to 30 ECTS per semester. To do so, they should enroll in a number of compulsory as well as elective (or compulsory of other tracks) courses. In the third semester, (full-time) students perform their MSc thesis that counts for 30 ECTS. The above periods are doubled for part-time students.

Available courses for each track and semester are shown below (compulsory courses are marked with C):

First Semester

CDS101: Network and Communications Security C 6
CDS102: Information Security Governance C 6
CDS107: Data Analytics and Machine Learning C C C 6
CDS113: Applied Cryptography 3
CDS103: Security Architecture Design C C 6
CDS104: Secure Applications for the Internet of Things C 3
CDS105: Embedded Systems Design C 6
CDS106: Dependable Computing Systems C 3
CDS108: Information Systems Management C 3
CDS109: Optimization Techniques C 6
CDS110: Big Data Management C 6
CDS111:: Computational Tools for Business Analytics 3
CDS112: Algorithms and Complexity 3
CDS114: Critical Infrastructure Protection 3
CDS115: Deep Learning C 3

Second Semester

CDS201: Penetration Testing C 6
CDS202: Digital Forensics C 3
CDS203: Malware Analysis C 3
CDS211: Advanced Cryptographic and Security Technologies (Blockchain technologies) 3
CDS212: Special Topics in Security and Privacy 3
CDS204: Software Security C C 6
CDS205: Hardware Security C 6
CDS206: Embedded Systems Reliability C 6
CDS207: Mathematical Methods for Business Analytics C 6
CDS208: Deep Learning (with Applications in Cybersecurity and Analytics) C 3
CDS209: Geospatial Data Management and Analytics C 3
CDS210: Visual Analytics C 6
CDS213: Graph and Network Analytics 3
CDS214: Time-Series Analytics and Forecasting 3
CDS215: Legal and Ethical Issues in Cybersecurity and Data Science 3