Security Architecture Design

Course Description:
The goal of this course is to identify and analyze the basic principles of designing secure Information Systems. This is achieved through the introduction of known best practices on the application of security mechanisms and communication protocols for modern systems mainly based on cryptography. The main objectives of Security Architecture Design are:
– To identify the main components of modern information systems architecture.
– To capture the scope and the complexity of the security vulnerabilities of information systems.
– To define the basic security principles regarding the design of advanced mechanisms and components.
The understand the relevant security models that are based on the above basic principles, whose implementation mitigates and minimizes the security threats.
The course covers the following areas:
• Introduction to Information Security
• Information security architecture requirements
• The Web platform and its Threats
• Threats and Attacks of the Web platform
• Mobile security design
• Real case scenarios

Labs: Each lecture of the course is combined with practical exercises from real examples whose main goal is the consolidation and application of all the above in the process of designing secure Information Systems.

Course Coordinator: Prof. Christos Douligeris