Network and Communications Security

Course Description:
Network and communication security includes security methods, techniques and tools utilized in the design, implementation and audit of a network security policy. The theoretical part of the course includes the analysis of security vulnerabilities in communication protocols for all the layers of the TCP/IP network stack and the definition of a network security policy. The practical part of the course includes the implementation of network security controls such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention (IDS/IPS) systems and virtual private networks. The main topics covered include:
• Introduction to Network Security
• Data-link layer security (Ethernet, ARP, WiFi)
• Network layer security (IP, IPSec)
• Transport layer security (SSL/TLS)
• Designing Network Security Policies
• Cross-layer network security mechanisms (firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems)
• Application-layer firewalls and IDS

Labs: Various open soure network security tools including, iptables, snort, ossec, wireshark and nmap and security protocol implementations including strongswan and openssl.