Advanced Cryptographic and Security Technologies (Blockchain technologies)

Course Description:
This course focuses on introducing the students to the blockchain technology. After introducing the core concepts behind blockchain, we present the various consensus algorithms and the functionality that is provided. After exploring traceability in public blockchains, we shift to smart contract development to develop practical applications in real-world blockchains.
More specifically this course covers the following topics:
• Introduction to blockchain
• Concensus algorithms (Proof of work, Proof of stake, Byzantine fault tolerance)
• Traceability in blockchain (tracing transactions in the blockchain)
• Smart contract development in Ethereum/Hyperledger (will depend on the year)

The labs will primarily focus on Smart contract development for widely used blockchains, such as Ethereum and Hyperledger. Moreover, lab exercises to understand and explore the traceability features that blockchains enable will also be made.

Course Coordinator: Prof. Kostas Patsakis