Digital Forensics

Course Description:
The Digital Forensics course focuses on building incident handling and digital forensics capabilities covering Windows and Linux operating systems. The course covers all the essential information you need to properly detect, response, mitigate and recover from cyber security incidents.
It is a full technical course with hands on labs. The aim of this course is, after understanding the attacking process, to learn how to deal with cyber attacks on windows and linux operating systems. You will learn the Incident Response / handling Process and also the digital forensics process. We will focus on windows, linux and network digital forensics. More specifically this course covers the following topics:
– Incident Handling process
– Windows forensics (memory forensics, registry forensics, fle system analysis, application forensics)
– Log file analysis
– Linux forensics
– Network forensics

Labs: By using hands-on labs and step-by-step technical walkthroughs, we’ll cover the real-world tools and techniques used by today’s incident handlers and forensics experts. Labs contains., Information gathering, memory analysis, registry and file system analysis, network forensics and also Linux Forensics.

Course Coordinator: Prof. Kostas Patsakis